We care about our clients, have a life outside of the office, and love our craft.

Ben Liebert Solutions


Ben founded Blackball many moons ago, which means these days he can focus on the fun parts like consulting and architecture. He is also the author of How to know your software developer is trying to kill you. Each day he returns home to his beautiful wife and children, and a fat ungrateful cat called Dread Pirate Roberts.
Marina Fondoroko Developer


Marina is a full stack developer and has previously worked in the health software industry. She enjoys software development as it gives her the opportunity to combine her technical and creative talents. Some days she wishes she was living the life of Catherine Deneuve in 1960s France but gets by on a fix of old French and Italian movies.
Behzad Farokhi Developer


Behzad learned the word nonconformist in his early teen years and immediately decided that he would grow up to become one. Many years later and now he's just a skeptic doing science and stuff. He's currently a PhD student working on the semantic web, graph databases, and spreadsheets and when he's not working on his PhD he's cutting code at Blackball.
Matthew Taylor Operations


Matt focuses on business growth and development and has a knack for all things operations. His experience has been in business management and recently has been enjoying helping tech companies to grow. Matthew is a bit of an audio nut, loves travel and reluctantly admits to avidly following transport and infrastructure projects.

We're always looking out for skilled & enthusiastic people to join our team. If you have skills in the Microsoft Stack or anything else you think we'd find useful, then we'd love to hear from you.