About Us

Blackball has been building software since 2004. We've built multi-national software systems processing huge amounts of data. We've built financial compliance and monitoring systems. Our software is in some of the largest manufacturing plants in the country.

But we've also built software for a huge number of small & medium-size customers - from retail stores needing real-time sales info on their clients, to small businesses with an e-commerce requirement, to startups with a hot idea but not-so-hot bank balance.

Blackball has a unique insight into the needs of the entire spectrum of clients - that's our starting point. Then we build on that knowledge by working with you to understand the specific requirements of your project.

People first

We build systems for people, not developers.

We don't muck around, bamboozling or intimidating you with nerd speak. We just listen to what you need then we build it better than you ever imagined. And we’re only a phone call away.


Good software helps you meet your business objectives.

We understand business and can work with you to achieve your goals, from helping your staff to save time to making information easily accessible for your clients.


Blackball has been taking an innovative, business-minded approach to software development for over 17 years.

We worry about the technical details so you can get on with growing your business – knowing that you have secure, stable, high-quality systems that can always keep up.