Custom Harvest analytics & reporting

Real-time dashboards, exception-reporting, forecasting, notifications

Introducing the Blackball BI Portal for Harvest

Your business is unique so why settle for Harvest's out-of-the-box reporting? Blackball's proprietary dashboarding portal offers direct, real-time access to raw Harvest data, in whatever personalized format you need for your specific business needs.

Work with our team to build the reports you need, then sign in to your personalized portal at any time for real-time insights into your business.

24/7 access

Your reports are available via your personal dashboard, any time you like

Connect your Harvest account

Securely connect your Harvest account to drive your reports with real-time data

Personalized BI & Analytics

Our team will help you build the reports you need to drive your business

Unlimited sharing

Our granular permissions system lets you share your reports with as many people you like

Simple pricing

We offer two plans to accommodate all businesses, large & small. Pay for what you need and cancel anytime you like.

Starter Business

Data extraction

Blackball BI leverages our SYNCHUB engine to extract your cloud service data in a reportable format. You will need a SYNCHUB plan in order to use our reporting service.

Number of cloud services

If you have multiple Harvest accounts, we can help build aggregate reports across all of them. Alternatively, you may wish to integrate with others of the dozens of cloud services that we support

One 6

Sync frequency

How often your data is synced from your cloud service, and therefore how up-to-date your reports can be

Daily 15 minutes

Data extraction fee

Prices are passed on as-is from SYNCHUB

$79 $389


Once SYNCHUB has extracted your data, we leverage its Insights platform to build the reports you need. You can render the Insights within our own portal, or within your existing reporting tools, such as Power BI, Excel, Tableau or G-Sheets.

Start-up fee

There is no overhead to signing up - we charge only for the reports we actually build

Free Free

Price per report (one-off)

Every report incurs a one-off free, allowing us to consult with you and your data

$400 $400

Ongoing report fee

Our system runs continuously in the background, keeping your reports up-to-date 24/7

$30/mth $30/mth


All plans get unlimited ongoing support at no additional charge (fair use policy applies)

Unlimited Unlimited

* All prices in USD and exclusive of tax (if required)


Two reports, fresh to you every morning: $800, plus $139/mth ongoing (including base SYNCHUB account).

10 reports, kept up to date at all times: $4,000, plus $689/mth ongoing (including base SYNCHUB account).


Harvest is a web-based time tracking and invoicing application relied on by over 40,000 creative businesses all across the globe. Harvest makes time tracking easy (and almost fun), keeping you on top of project budgets without the hassle of spreadsheets. Features include time tracking your team will actually use, easy and professional invoicing, powerful reporting to keep you on top of project progress and profitability, apps and integrations tailored to your workflow and intuitive team scheduling.

Why choose Blackball?

Affordable. Our SaaS dashboard has already taken care of all the heavy lifting like security and connectivity, meaning your money will be spent entirely on building your reports.

Unlimited users. Unlike other reporting systems, we allow unlimited users to access your reports.

Experience. We've been in business since 2004.

No job too big or small. Whether you need one hundred reports or just one, we are happy to help

We love data. Let us nerd out on your reports so you can focus on your business.

Contact us to find out how we can help you

About Blackball Software

Blackball has been building software since 2004. We've built multi-national systems processing millions of data points hourly. We've built financial compliance and monitoring systems. Our software is in some of the largest manufacturing plants in the country.

But we've also built software for a huge number of small & medium size customers - from retail stores needing real-time sales info on their clients, to small businesses with an e-commerce requirement, to startups with a hot idea but not-so-hot bank balance.

And now we bring that experience to you

We don't build software anymore - in many cases your systems can be built using a mix of off-the-shelf products and No Code platforms.

However, this approach lacks one thing - experience. Blackball has a unique insight into the needs of the entire spectrum of clients and we've realized that, although different in scale and budget, most software projects have the same fundamental requirements. Customer-facing features like high-performing reports, data management & email notifications. And just as importantly, architectural features like caching, localisation, API access, multi-threading and data synchronization.

We even wrote the book about it

Get a lifetime's worth of tips and insights with our book - How to know if your software developer is trying to kill you. By developers for non-developers, this no-nonsense book will give you a strong foundation to review developers, technologies, tools and architecture for your next software project.

And all for the price of about 15 minutes of professional consultancy time - this one's a no-brainer.

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