Meet the team at Blackball Software

Blackball is a software development & consultancy company specializing in the .Net platform. We were established in Auckland, New Zealand in 2004.

Our clients are from around the world and are typically small-medium size startups that need to get their product into market quickly and reliably. We believe the key to this is a solid, flexible & extensible architecture - so that is what we deliver.

Our development expertise is within the Microsoft stack (including Azure) however we consult across a variety of other technologies.

Ben Liebert Architect

Ben founded Blackball many moons ago, which means these days he can focus on the fun parts like consultancy and architecture. He is also the author of How to know your software developer is trying to kill you. Each day he returns home to his beautiful wife and children, and a fat ungrateful cat called Dread Pirate Roberts.
Connor Graham Developer

Connor specializes in the front-end work that Blackball does for its various clients, while also assisting with some database interaction. He holds two bachelor degrees, one in Marketing and another in Classical Antiquity. The former helps him on a business level, the latter means he is alot of fun at parties. Outside of work Connor spends his time reading, weightlifting and planning his next vacation.
Ryan Weyers Developer

Ryan Weyers assists with tool integration and maintenance. He also does back-end & full-stack programming as well as app development projects. Currently, he is in his second year at Massey University studying towards a Bachelor of Information Sciences. In his free time he enjoys being a foodie, programming his own apps and dissassembling broken and unwanted machines.
Edward Ong Developer

Edward would love to build an application that will be useful for the world one day and hopes to become a great full stack developer. He used to be heavily involved in HipHop dancing but now lives a quiet life with his wife. He also can train cats to do dog tricks.

We're always looking out for skilled & enthusiastic people to join our team. If you have skills in the Microsoft Stack or anything else you think we'd find useful, then we'd love to hear from you.